With almost 50 years of experience and excellence under our belts, Sunset has established itself as a premium lifestyle, dining, and entertainment location on the Nile, which targets and attracts A class consumers across Cairo. We pride ourselves on creating elegant, comfortable, and unique venues which deliver excellent gastronomical experiences. We currently boast restaurant and bar Eat & Barrel, an open air, casual dining experience featuring a wide array of international cuisine. We also launched Lebanese ne dining restaurant Hayda this year which offers unparalleled authentic Lebanese cuisine and commands a diverse A class clientele. 
Sunset’s roots go as far back as 1998, when the company was founded by Mahmoud Gaballah with one singular restaurant on board. The family-owned business has continued to operate seamlessly since the 60s, with management being shared amongst Gaballah and his sons. Over the years the emphasis and orientation had has been strongly on excellent dining, featuring Oriental, French, Italian, and Leba- nese restaurants on the boat, and attracted a mature A class clientele. 

In 2012 we made the decision to move the company in a new direction and we underwent a revamping of the entire boat with elaborate renovations and the creation of numerous brand new concepts, to be implementing over the next few years. The rebranding of the boat is intended to encompass a variety of unique and divergent concepts, all in one place, and to attract a younger clientele. In 2014 we successfully launched Eat & Barrel on a 1200-meter deck space of Sunset Boat and it continues to attract its target consumer, aged approximately 21-40.

Earlier this year in 2015, following the success of Eat & Barrel, we continued in
our new direction of restructuring with the launch of Hayda, a premium Lebanese restaurant and bar. At the start of 2016 we intend on continuing our expansion with more venues, all of which capture and encapsulate a different atmosphere, cuisine, and theme. We currently employ a staff of almost 450, a number which is expected to multiply within the coming months as we expand.